Hide Columns in Query before Exporting to Spreadsheet

I have a dashboard with a tabular query. My user uses the query as an invoicing tool to show what a client might owe for their item(s). The user then exports the query to a spreadsheet and send the spreadsheet to the client.

The problem we have is that there are a few columns we don't want to include when we send the spreadsheet to the client. Typically, the user deletes the columns from the exported spreadsheet before they send it to the client, but the user has asked if there is a way to do this in Metabase.

After digging around, the only ideas I have come up with is to mirror the query as a second table in the dashboard, but to just remove the unwanted columns. That will do for now, but I feel like its redundant. I was wondering if I can use Actions or some other method in Metabase to hide the columns in the query before the user exports to a spreadsheet, so that the spreadsheet only contains the columns we want to send to our clients.

For reference, I am running v48.5. Our instance of Metabase is not public facing, so we can't share a dashboard with the client. I think the idea is a bit of a stretch based on my research, but happy to hear ideas.

Have an extra filter. Use the value of that filter to determine the result of the column you want to hide. When set to, for example, true set the value of the 'hidden' column to be an empty string or null using a if or case.
The column will still be visible, it just won't contain any information.