Hide Our Data on home screen

By default Metabase shows Our Analytics and Our Data section in Home screen. Is it possible to hide Our Data section and not show it at the home screen?

Hi @NaveenHadagali
If you remove all permissions for the user (including the All Users group too), then “Our Analytics” and “Our Data” should not show anything.
Read the comment on this issue:


I know this is an old question, but I was looking for it myself and thought I can share this.

I just noticed that if you log in as an Admin (in 0.34.1) there is an X next to Our data. Pressing it will remove the Our Data section from all users, while keeping access. Removing access to the data sources is not a good idea imo as there is a bug which causes Dashboard filters to not work if you remove the access to all data sources:

However, I’ve not been able to find how to enable Our Data on the main screen again after it has been removed…

EDIT: Found a way to return the Our Data section if it is removed. In the Application database, after removing Our Data, in the Setting table there will exist a value show-homepage-data which is set to false. Setting this to true and updating the settings-last-updated value to the current time will return the Our Data section. I still don’t know if it’s possible to do from the UI though.

The main motivation to have “Our Data” on the homepage by default is to enable quick access to your tables after you first set up Metabase, since there’s not much else for you to look at given you haven’t created any charts or dashboards yet. Ever since we added the Browse Data tab to the main navigation, which takes you to the exact same table browsing experience, we deemed the “Our Data” section on the homepage to be transient and redundant, particularly once you’ve gotten more dashboards and collections onto the homepage.

Can you tell me more about why you’d like to get “Our Data” back on the homepage?

I don’t really have a reason to bring it back. :slight_smile:

My intention was to remove it, however from a UX point of view it feels “wrong” to be able to remove such a prominent feature with no apparent ability to bring it back again in case it was made by mistake. Which it actually was in my case. My intention was to attempt to remove it from my test environment and make sure it did not produce any unintended side effects (such as removing data access has), but I had brought up the wrong chrome tab and removed it in production. :blush:

In this case I’ve not found any side effects, but realizing my mistake prompted me to find a way to revert the change.

Thanks for the thoughts! I definitely understand that “whoops” feeling can be exacerbated when there’s no visible undo, though in this case we felt that was okay given that the “Browse Data” button in the main navigation takes you to the same place. We do plan on revisiting the homepage experience and the fresh install experience in the near term, and we’ll make sure to keep this feedback in mind.

Thanks again!