High CPU usage on metabase application DB

We are using metabase version 0.48.2 community edition since last 4 months . It was working fine . But since last 2 weeks we are facing performance issue because of high cpu usage on metabse's postgresql db(RDS 4 vCPU, 16 GB RAM) . CPU is being high intermittently by one query as per the performance insight . How can i identify which tasks is causing this issue .

SELECT "metabase_field"."name", "metabase_field"."base_type", "metabase_field"."semantic_type", "metabase_field"."id", "metabase_field"."table_id", "table"."name" AS "table_name" FROM "metabase_field" LEFT JOIN "metabase_table" AS "table" ON "table"."id" = "metabase_field"."table_id" WHERE ("metabase_field"."active" = ?) AND (LOWER("metabase_field"."name") LIKE $1) AND ("metabase_field"."visibility_type" NOT IN ($2, $3)) AND ("table"."db_id" = $4) ORDER BY LOWER("metabase_field"."name") ASC, LOW

Can you upgrade to 49.11? ... Also Check the metabase sync and scan scheduled time if they match the time the CPU gets a spike:

That query should be very easy to resolve. How many fields/tables do you have in the metabase_table and metabase_field tables?