History stuck on date in the past


My Metabase (version 0.20.0) is acting weird … when looking at the change history, all subsequent changes are logged on the same date and time. The server date and time are correct, but even changes several days apart appear as performed in the same minute.

Any trick on how to get things back to normal ?


  • Time Zone settings are set to Europe/Berlin for both JAVA and in the Admin Panel.
  • The timestamp recorded in the revisision history is always equal to the date/time when the metabase server has been started.

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That’s less than awesome.

Can you look at the network response in your browsers dev tools and see if that has the correct times? This seems likely to be a presentation layer bug. If you can help us narrow down what’s going on, we’d love to fix it =)

Hey Sameer,

thanks for your quick reply!

Can you be a little more specific about what data you're looking for please ?

When i view the Change History of a question and look at the source code, I see the same date values in the source as in the browser, see here:

Note: I had previously started the server on Oct 13th, made changes, then re-started it "yesterday", and made another two changes - also the times match. So to me it seems more like a bug in capturing the timestamp of changes rather than a presentation layer issue (just my gut feeling).

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I’ve reproduced this and opened https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/3643

Unfortunately it looks like you’re correct in that it’s not a presentation layer issue. The events seem to be getting timestamped correctly, but the revision history isn’t.

Hi Sameer,

any news on this? Can we expect a fix sometime soon?

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It was fixed in 0.20.2, sorry for not letting you know.

Unfortunately, we were tracking the wrong times, and we don’t have a way to go back and fix them =(

We’re at 0.20.3, and would recommend you run that if you have any control over your instance.