Homepage configuration

I need some basic help on usage of the homepage. I don’t know if there is some docs about it.
For example, I would like
(1) avoid the display of “Try these x-rays based on your data” on homepage
(2) present my favourite questions on the homepage, for example within some kind of dashboard

Thank you

You can turn of X-rays all together in settings.
If you want to keep them, but not display them, you just need to pin something else to the Our Analytics section.
You can pin a dashboard to the Our Analytics. It will display as a link to a dashboard rather than the dashboard itself.
If you just want to show a dashboard, you could have a separate site with embedded dashboards or just share a link to a dashboard.

Great, thank you.

Hi there,
I have the same question as above. I have tried pinning dashboards but they are still not showing on the home page. They just show when I’m in a collection. Can you help? Thanks!

You need a dashboard pinned to the home page (Our Analytics). Make sure all the users have rights to the dashboard.

thanks for your reply! Apologies but are you able to send a screenshot or something? I’m not sure if I’m doing the wrong thing, but I have pinned the dashboard, users have access to it…and it’s still not showing on the home page!

This is the first page the users see:

Ahh ok I’ve managed to get it working now. Thanks!