Host not found in upstream "docker"


I tired to upgrade from v0.20.3 to v0.21.1 on AWS EBS. I followed the instructions here and no luck.

The EBS won't start with the new or the old version (503 error in the browser). I've downloaded the logs and found this:

2017/01/07 02:38:50 [emerg] 3680#0: host not found in upstream "docker" in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/elasticbeanstalk-nginx-docker-proxy.conf:23

As well as messages like this in the docker log:

time="2017-01-07T02:38:48.127261519Z" level=info msg="Layer sha256:8d11d3b7850c8cf477fe032d622efca632ba27f7f2e11435268e6ad07ceb2969 cleaned up"
time="2017-01-07T02:39:01.168042763Z" level=error msg="Handler for DELETE /v1.23/containers/7e0e3510965e returned error: You cannot remove a running container 7e0e3510965e36209afaedf70a74e910f2f82fe40513d8561e885292c50a6c01. Stop the container before attempting removal or use -f"

I've tried manually stopping the EC2 instance before running the deploy and no luck.