Hosting Metabase in AWS

Hi, I am currently hosting Metabase in an AWS Ec2 on an M5dn.2xlarge. It's on a 100gb drive with the application database (postgres) unfortunately running on the same partition (I know, not ideal). We are encountering situations where Metabase will randomly start lagging tremendously and will need to be restarted to fix it. We do have about 400 users who use this all day everyday essentially.

I want to call out that we do have a lot of reports that are hitting an MS SQL Server DB that is pretty bad, but there is currently not much we can do about that.

Can someone please help me determine how to get better overall performance out of this? Let me know if you need more details and I'll be happy to provide them. Hosting Metabase in AWS Hosting Metabase in AWS

Have you checked How to run Metabase in production already?

I have. according to that, it seems I'm doing things mostly right, although I may fall slightly short in terms of how much the metabase app + db need together in terms of CPU, but not sure if this is really gonna be the cause or not.

I would suggest you set up some observability stack to see what the application is doing. Have you seen observability-with-prometheus ?