Hosting metabase on Google stack

Hey peepsters,

At great risk of sounding like a total google fanboi:

We have run metabase for 12 months on WAMP stack, (pc under the desk style) - really like metabase so time to move to a more scalable, reliable, higher performing stack by:

  1. Migrating our dataset out of mysql and into google biq query (datawarehouse);
  2. Creating application db on google cloud sql;
  3. Running metabase .jar via custom docker on google application engine using the new application cloud sql db (have to rebuild users and questions but not many); and
  4. Pulling the dataset back in from google big query.

I did all this last night and so far it seems a quick and painless upgrade (making use of a 1 year google stack $300 credit).

Thanks to Bede Overend in Melbourne and Rémy David in Paris for the guidance:

Note: we have a paid tableau license but prefer metabase right now.

Big Dave in Auckland

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Any updates on this yet?