Hot reloading of backend development

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For client 's need, I have to develop custom codes in api and model of metabase backend.
Documentation says that use "clojure -M:run" command to run development server.

The trouble is that backend code is not hot reloading.
Hence, I have to restart backend server on every code update.

I have read 12181 and 18801.

First, I am confused which one the right solution is.
Secondly, what is the right command to start backend server for hot reloading?

Furthermore, 18801 says that it only works on "api" update.
So... Are there no solutions for "model" update now ?

Sorry for bothering you with repeated issue.
Looking forward to your kind consideration.

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Hi @danchen327
Have a look here:

Dear flamber,

Sorry for disturbing you again.

I made mistake. Hot-reloading not works.

I wonder if hot-reloading even available.

Could you tell me just direction ? Repl, ring or tools.deps ? Or ring.middleware.reload ?

@danchen327 Hot-reloading is complicated on big projects. Have a look here