How are you using Metabase to intergrate with other systems ( Email, Push Notification .. )

Hi Guys, We have been using metabase for some time now and we really like the product. We have been using it for our internal analytics and its been a smooth experience so far. We are now thinking of integrating metabase with our existing systems like email, push notification.

Let me explain our use case to you guys, since we connect metabase to internal analytics and crm data, we usually feel the need to export the data from metabase and build a campaign ( email, push for our users ), we have been working with CSV export feature for now and its working fine, but usually we need to repeatedly extract out emails and then then build a campaign.

Is there a way where in we could create a pulse/trigger which runs every day and sends out the email to column mentioned in the question ? I know its a stretch but has anyone else faced the same problem before and how do you guys deal with such repeated tasks.

Thanks for all the support.

answered in the GH issue