How can I add a line break to prefix or suffix?

I am just starting to play around with this amazing tool.

I have found out that I can add text to dashboards, but they have their own margin and make things too big to fit on a screen.

What I want to achieve is to have a Number Visualization that says “30.2k” for example and then in prefix Total Revenue (YTD)

The “
” obviously does not work, is there anything that works as a line break for text? \r\n etc?

Hi @Bahadur
Yes, by using the visualization settings formatting:

I couldn’t express myself properly.

I want to add a line break in between Total Revenue (YTD) and the number; such as:

Total Revenue (YTD)

@Bahadur That is currently not possible, but it will display the question/card title below:

You’re probably looking for this request: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks flamber,

Can I ask how you managed to do the thing in the image?
I checked the link you have shared, but my question was much more simple; can we put any markdown/syntax that produces a HTML
in display?

@Bahadur I didn’t do anything, it’s just how Number visualizations are presented on a dashboard - I added the k via the formatting as noted in the first screenshot.

No, you currently cannot use Markdown, that’s why I linked to issue 4392.

argh, thanks flamber.

while playing around I deleted the title from the number visualization at some point! I didn’t think “Title” would be subtitle :slight_smile: