How can i change language to persian

I want to change metabase language to Persian in version 0.33.4 but i can’t find any option to change it
i checked documentation but all of them are just works for older version

Metabase uses the same language as your browser. Is your browser display language set as Persian ?

is there any way to set it manually ?

Hi @Farhad

You can go to the admin page=>General=> and choose Pesian

Let us know if it worked


Dear @Frederico
Thanks for your answer, I already checked it out put it just change admin panel language but the rest of application part are still using EN.
another problem is about RTL. as you know, Persian is RTL language but when i change language to Persian it just translate texts and css not changed

Hi, Farhad. Currently, as w-jac said, you’ll need to manually change your browser’s language settings so that Farsi/Persian is the top language. If you then refresh Metabase in your browser, you should see things in Farsi:

We’re also actively planning on implementing features to let admins and users change the instance language directly instead of using the browser language to set it:

We do not currently have plans to address RTL CSS changes in the near term.

If you or anyone else is interested in continuing to help translate Metabase, you can join our translation project here:

@maz Thanks for your complete answer :wink:

:slight_smile: خواهش میکنم