How can I recover an archived question?

(I am aware there is another question with the same title, but the OP’s question is partially ignored and this wasn’t answered).

I have archived some questions accidentally and cannot recover them from the archive. The latest documentation says this on archiving:
“If you have second thoughts and want to bring an archived question back, you can see all your archived questions from the Archive icon at the top-right of the Questions page. To unarchive a question, hover over it and click the box icon that appears on the far right.”
However, the unarchive icon doesn’t appear! These were questions that I saved but can no longer access :frowning:
v0.28.1 (quote also from v0.28.1 documentation)

Hi @lykon
I don’t know where the Archive storage was in 0.28.1 - that’s a very old version, current is 0.32.4
But on newer versions, you can browse to http://<your-metabase-address/archive if you cannot find the icon.

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I can find the archive and I can see my archived questions. What I can’t see is the button to un-archive them. It’s not there! Even tho the documentation says it should be (for the correct version).

Again, it’s a very old version, so don’t know how it should look, but in never versions, you have to select the items you want to restore and then a button appears in the bottom called Unarchive.
Otherwise you would have to either use the API:
Or edit the internal Metabase database manually - have look in the table report_card

Thanks for the help flamber!
My point was that the documentation that I quoted describes exactly what it should look like in the older version, but the unarchive icon isn’t there. I’ll look at the other options you suggested.

Correct. The documentation should follow whatever version you’re using, but maybe it was a bug - I don’t know, but the documentation for that version will likely not be updated, since it’s old.