How can I rename the collections? [SOLVED]

The collections can’t be renamed.
Only can be archived.
Will this feature be added in the future?

Select the collection.
Top right:
Lets you rename the collection.


which version?
This is what I am using like.

Select the collection (so you can view its contents), then edit appears


have selected the collection.
I’m running 0.28.5.

Select the collection so you can see the list of questions. Then you’ll see the edit button.

I’m wondering if we use the same version.

@jinchener what are your access rights on that collection?

I just checked with a pre 0.28 version - and it has below icons right above the blue All questions when I’m logged in as admin:

Maybe it’s a Bug,CollectionButtons.jsx,only archiving and setting permissions are provided.
0.29.3 version source code

update: Turned out below was not the problem - but that Metabase versions less than v0.30 didn’t support zh characters in collection names due to a URL problem.

Well spotted @hztyzhq in v0.30 I think the problem isn’t there any more because there are no icons on the collection list anymore like shown in this post above:

So, in v30 you must go inside a collection to rename it.

Use the English collection name, and it’s all right!

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