How can I update report title?

Hii @flamber,

I can not able to update report title by changing report name, here is an example


I updated question name to above highlighted name, but report is showing still old name as title as below



In your dashboard, you will have to edit that specific report and change the title there.
I think it only adds the original report title once you add it, but after that it will not change anymore unless you change it directly on the dashboard itself.

Hii @cobalt,

I didn't see any edit title option in dashboard can you please send me screen shop from where I can edit.


Hi @ritz
Go into the card visualization settings and click "Reset to defaults":

First make sure you enable the edit dashboard function.

Hi @flamber,

I can not see any visualization settings in question.


@ritz It's not the question, it's the dashboard card. Do what @cobalt shows.

@flamber I can only see cancel button here


@ritz Well, the option is only available, when the query works. So make sure that the card actually works just like you showed in your initial post.

Got it and works.

Thanks @flamber and @cobalt