How can I use BiqQuery's nested fields

In Google’s BigQuery there is an option to nest fields (like json).
I can’t see the leafs fields in metabase.
How is this kind of fields handled in Metabase?

I’m trying to do something like:

select parentField.childField, count(1) from table group by 1


Hi @gluz, we don’t support using BigQuery’s nested fields from the GUI question builder yet, but you can always use the SQL interface to do anything supported by BigQuery.

We have a GitHub issue open to support BQ nested fields in the question builder:

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Can you refer me to the documentation of the SQL interface?
I can find it.


Any news on this? It would be awesome to query the nested fields on the GUI question builder.

@samuel.birocchi Go an upvote the issue by clicking :+1: on the first post:
We are looking into nested things in upcoming versions, but it's complicated and several months away.

The link is dead.


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