How can i used maps other than USA spec. India for visualization

I am using v0.32.4 of metabase. I want to add a custom map for analysis. please advice how to add it. I am trying to add India, but unable to plot it using Latitude, Longitude data

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you can use a custom map that you have to provide yourself.
Search for “geojson india” and you will find results.

Upload the map in the admin settings > maps. The geojson needs to have data about Latitude and Longitude included.

After you added the map in the settings, you can set your question visualization to “Map” and specify your custom map and the columns you want to use.

cannot we upload a file? is only URL feature available?

No, there’s currently no upload available - the GeoJSON file has to be hosted somewhere else.

You can use the below two links for India -

@piyushg91 Those two files will be very heavy on the browser. It would be advisable to optimize/minimize the files with something like