How can I visualise a single paragraph coming from database?

I have a dashboard where for every filtered category I have a single explanation coming from the database. Here's an example,

I have some data coming from which I am generating a chart but along with the chart, an explanation needs to be shown as well which changes for every chart. Since it is a single value, metabase considers it as a Number and because of that font size is very large and cannot fit in the area.

I already found out that we can add a variable in text area but that value comes from a filter.

So can someone help me in solving this? Attached screenshot shows the paragraph coming from db.

use a text card Fun with Markdown in your dashboards

thanks for the response. as mentioned in the question, text card can only accommodate values used in filters but that's not what I have to show. so basically, text card can only have variables which are being used as filters. My use case is not certainly a filter.

In 46 we introduced a new "detail" card, maybe that's what you need (the database needs to have the detail in the row)

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