How can we get metabase report data into an external application to process it further?

Hi Metabase Team,

I have a report at metabse which I can render on UI by a iFrameUrl. This report is very helpful at application level and I want to fetch the data of this report and parse into application entity objects to process them further.

Is there any way I can get this data from report to application?

Report Student Marks

| student_id | maths | science | literature | 
| S1001      | 96    | 67      | 80         |
| S1002      | 99    | 90      | 66         |
| S9999      | 89    | 7       | 65         |

I want to get this report data into application entity model as below

class StudentMarks {
    String student_id;
    Long maths;
    Long science;
    Long literature;

Please let me know if there is a possible and efficient way.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mohannv
Yes, export it as JSON or CSV, so your application can read that format.
If you’re using Public Sharing, then you simply add .json or .csv to the end of the URL.