How can we translate chart titles and content

I have embedded charts in my app: my frontend calls my backend which acts as a proxy and delivers the right chart associated to non editable user ids. This works fine.

However I have an issue: I've built charts in French and we do provide an English version.

What is the recommended procedure for translating every string that is set on the metabase interface?

Should I

  • duplicate the charts in English (what a pain!)
  • use my backend as a proxy and translate on the fly? how? should I put keys instead via the metabase interface?

Hi @svassaux
That functionality is currently not available: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

You'll have to duplicate the dashboard and then edit each dashboard card visualization options, so the title is changed to the different language.

Take the British approach: Everything in English but use capitals so that everyone can understand. Then switch all your time-zones to GMT :laughing:

that is a nightmare to maintain :sob: