How change the graph of pulses?

Create questions with sql scripts.
They are all set as Bar.
And create pulses with the questions.
But in the mail content,all the questions display with row chart.
How to change?

There are some limitations:


Currently, there are a few restrictions on what kinds of saved questions you can put into a pulse:

    Raw data questions are capped to 10 columns and 20 rows. For emailed pulses, the rest of the results will be included automatically as a file attachment, with a limit of 2,000 rows.
    Pivot tables will be cropped to a maximum of three columns and 10 rows.
    Bar charts (and pie charts which get turned into bar charts) will be cropped to one column for the labels, one column for the values, and 10 total rows.

More here:

OKļ¼Œgot it.
Also have some demands:
1,add mutiple schedules to the same pulse;
2,add a group to the pulse.