How do I create a clone of Metabase env

I am using Metabase with Mongo DB database connectivity. I have already created lots of collection, Question, Dashboard. I have a basic question where does all dashboards gets saved ? Really appreciate if someone can provide me file & location .

I would like to reuse all of my dashboard by cloning metabase instance & pointing to Prod data.
How do I create a clone of Metabase env ?

Hi @Sushantj871

Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

Metabase stores all it's information to it's application database, which you might or might not have configured, when you setup Metabase:

To clone the application database, you simply make a copy of it and then reference that in your Production environment.
You would then adjust the MongoDB connection details (Admin > Databases) from Development to Production. Though, depending on your Development data in MongoDB, the "schema" (or whatever you want to call it in MongoDB) might be different from Production and will cause some fields to change.

Please search the forum, since there has been several questions for something similar.

Hi @flamber,
Thanks for your reply. So now I know , I am using default H2 DB.
I will try to clone complete Metabase instance (including mv.db file) & point to prod Mongo DB using admin --> Database.
I hope with this changes all my dashboard get cloned & repopulated (after I run rescan).

Thanks !

@Sushantj871 I would highly recommend that you don't use H2 in production: