How do I create a database

i'm very new on metabase, if i want to add new database, is it possible to use phpmyadmin? or do you have any suggestion on how i should add database, i've been looking for tutorial to add database with mysql for hours but failed ,at the documentation there is " mysql_native_password : ALTER USER 'metabase'@'%' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'thepassword';" what should i do ? i really need help because i have a technical test for internship :slight_smile:

Hi @helppppppppp
You can create the database with any tool or the command directly in your database console:

CREATE DATABASE your_database_name ;

But it is unclear if you are trying to create a new database for Metabase's application database, or if you want to add a data source to Metabase, so you can make queries against it.

I have csv file and imported to my mysql db ,but i dont know how to add my mysql database to metabase , please kindly help . Do i need third parties apps?

@helppppppppp You add databases through the Admin panel:

I tried that but failed, so there are host username port etc, to fill that what i need to do? I tried to fill it with this

(google picture)

Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Post a screenshot of what you are trying to fill out in Metabase and what error you are getting.

could you kindly explain to me the steps to add database + screenshoots? i've read
and but it doesn't help me , i tried to do this on cmd 121 but failed and i think i just dont how to start

You are mixing the data sources and the application database.
You are trying to add a data source, so you simply go and do that in Admin > Databases. That's it.
I would recommend that you either get help from someone, since I cannot help you, when you don't provide the information I ask for.
Windows uses set instead of export for environment variables:

Thankyouu, it worked after i reinstalling mysql