How do I fix or disable warnings when embedding a dashboard into my app?

I Get the (dataset::fieldRefForColumn mismatch) and (app-embed.bundle.js?a43410d9fdb01c3119b9:5 Error getting setting table.columns TypeError: Cannot read property ‘cols’ of undefined) warnings for every Question on the dashboard that I’m embedding.
I get the (GET 401) once for the dashboard embedding.

Is there a way to get rid of this errors and warnings?

Hi @johan.ordercloud
Which version of Metabase?

The TypeError could be one of the issues, which lead to blank or mangled charts. There might be a 0.33.3 soon, which addresses those.

The returned 401 means “Not authenticated”, which is part of the login process. When you’re embedding, it’s still checking the login credentials - it’s doing the same for public sharing.

But does any of those things affect the interaction with Metabase or do you just want a clean console log?

Hi @flamber

Thank you for your quick response!
I’m using Version 0.33

No, it doesn’t affect the interaction, The dashboard has 20 widgets on it and each one is throwing 2 warnings, just wanted to know if there was a way to fix it from my side, but I’ll wait for 0.33.0, Maybe that gets rid of all the warnings and clean up the console.

These errors still appeared on 0.37.2
When you intend to remove it?

@avia The error is only shown in the console, so it’s not a problem for the users.