How do I upgrade Metabase using a docker container and persist my data?

copied over h2 file
killed container
docker pull
run container (got name conflict)
run container with another name
doesn’t use previous data
ran container passing env vars with file locations
doesn’t use previous data

Are there any specific instructions on how to upgrade using docker and h2 file?

Not sure I’m getting the correct h2 file. What is the location of the file inside of the container? I’m currently on version .17

Does this doc help?

Not really. What I ended up doing was this:
docker cp metabase:metabase.db.h2.db .

Once I had the file locally i used the metabase.jar file to run metabase locally and stepped through the updates through version 20 and then jumped to 23. Once the h2 database was updated all the way, I did updated to an RDS Postgres database using the load-from-h2 parameter.

Then I was able to just run my docker with the database pointing to RDS. Worked pretty well.