How do I upgrade my metabase install with latest master so I could use public dashboards?

I would like to use:, which has been recently added to master but as far as I can tell still isn’t in the stable. Is there a guide on how can I deploy the latest master on my metabase install?

Metabase has been deployed using Docker.

Hey, lukabirsa. In case you missed the news, the latest release with public charts and dashboards just came out. :slight_smile:

@maz thanks for the update!

Great to see the public link being enabled. We already have it deployed on our E-paper based dashboards:

Does anyone know about future plans:

Wow, that e-paper screen is cool! You guys have a neat looking office. :heart:

Are there any plans to enable alternative CSS stylings - perhaps a high contrast variant?

Not currently, but that’s good feedback.

Are there any plans to add the “refresh” setting as a parameter to the url (like https://metabase/public/dashboard/some-dashboard-uuid?refresh=600)?

So, you can currently do this with normal dashboards within Metabase (here’s the documentation, under the heading Configuring a dashboard through its URL), but I think it was removed from public dashboard links, partly because we were concerned it would be a way for people to accidentally or intentionally clobber your server. Once we have caching, we should hopefully be able to add this back in for public links.

Thanks for the update. Is there a public roadmap I could checkout to know what is planned? is our big picture roadmap.

You can follow specific releases through our milestones
Things will move in and out of milestones, so you shouldn’t treat them as a hard commitment that a specific issue will ship at a specific time. We occasionally find that somethings are more complicated than anticipated and move them forward.

I spent a while Googling ePaper displays to see what I could find. Then I Googled Visionect… FML

You can add a refresh to the URL by embedding it in a full screen iFrame and adding a refresh to the host page which is what we’ve done.

Works well :slight_smile:

@Dizzyfish I can always configure the device to automatically reload every X seconds (this is what I’ve done), but it feels like a feature that would work well for an embeddable / public dashboard.