How do I use a cached model in a new Question?

I turned a SQL query into a model and Metabase seems to be caching it properly:

However, I thought I could create a new question using that model, but when I create a new question my model doesn't show up as a source:

I have verified both steps to set up model caching:

  1. Enable model caching in Metabase.
  2. Create a schema to store cached models.

And I have confirmed that the cache schema is present on my DB, along with a table for the model.

How do I reference that model in a new Question?

Hi @ChrisH
Refresh your browser:

I tried refreshing, I tried reloading (browser needed an update), and I tried from a different computer.
None of them show the new model.

I have a workaround - I can back into it by selecting the model from the collection and then filtering/summarizing. But it would be helpful for other users if they could see the model when creating a new question.