How many connections are opened by 1 dashboard with multiple charts

We have 1 dashboard which contains multiple charts. Each chart gets results from a stored procedure. Each of those stored procedures create/reference a temporary table to fetch results. It appears that the temp table (MySQL) gets dropped before the second chart can access results, leading us to believe that a single connection is used by a single dashboard and not that each chart creates its own connection to the db.

Is this so?

My personal experience is that every report in a dashboard creates a new connection. (on Postgresql)

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Hi @ChristineChetty
Metabase has 15 database connections available by default, and uses all of those, when available.

Depending on how the database allows temporary tables to be shared between different connections.

So each and every query opens a new connection? Whether that query exists as part of a dashboard or not.

Thanks for swift response, just need some clarity on this part

@ChristineChetty No, each request from the browser to Metabase will check if it should return cache (if enabled) and then it uses one of the existing connections (if available) otherwise it creates a new connection (or queues the request).