How many Pulse emails can you create per company?

Is there a limit on the number of unique Pulses you can create per company?

Additionally, can these pulses be emailed to non-Metabase users?

no limits on either of these.

Awesome, thank you!

Related question - are there any plans to change the limit of how many questions you can ask in 1 Pulse? Would be great to be able to include more questions, especially if the pulse is being sent over email.

what limit are you hitting there?

Right now I can only add 5 questions to a Pulse. The goal would be to include upwards of 15 questions per pulse. For our case, we are sending employees information on their metrics as Pulse updates, and have been able to categorize the metrics into 4 buckets (pulses) but there are ~15 questions per bucket.

what version are you using? we haven’t had 5 question limit in quite a while.

Oh good to know! We’re on v0.20.3. When I go to create a new pulse, under “Pick your data” the copy says “Pick up to five questions you’d like to send in this pulse,” so that’s where the assumption came from (though to be fair we hadn’t tested it yet.) Perhaps it’s just a copy update that’s needed?

yeah, that’s a copy mistake. good eye!

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Following up on this. It actually seems that we are blocked from adding more than 10 questions into a Pulse. Once 10 questions are input, text appears that says:

Is there a way to prevent this?

what browser are you using?

that’s a warning (namely that long lists of pulses aren’t the greatest of ideas as they’re still images in an email), but won’t keep you from putting more in.

It looks like there’s a CSS error that’s putting that over the input box.

could you open an issue for that at and include browser/OS info?

Nice, thanks – it worked in Safari, so that must be the issue (I’m in Chrome). Will open an issue for it.

Additionally, is there a way to modify the content that the Pulse displays from a Question? Right now when I pull in a Question in table format into a Pulse, it’s showing the right table, but different columns than I selected in the Question view. If I put this Question into a dashboard, however it shows the correct columns.