How Metabase finds available tables from oracle DB

I got access to Oracle DB (It’s first time I’ve been working with Oracle DB), but Metabase can’t see all available tables. Due to an unknown problem, even the Oracle SQL developer cannot display a list of tables under “Tables”. Maybe DB owner set something wrong.

But when I do an SQL query like SELECT table_name FROM all_tables; , Oracle SQL developer will list me all available tables (and I can query them). Is there an alternative way in Metabase how it can see all available tables?

Have you added the database recently? Check it’s not still scanning the tables. Then use CTRL-F5 to force a full refresh of the browser page.
If they’re still not visible, check the user account has access.

Not added recently. Inside Metabase is visible just like 8 tables, but Ora.Sql.Dev. display 197 tables in query SELECT table_name FROM all_tables. So I assume scan is completed, full refresh didn’t help. And I use same user account in Metabase as in Ora.Sql.Dev.

Sorry, Its my stupid mistake. In data model of MSSQL or MySQL I’m used to see tables directly, but oracle show me schemas, so it sonfused me. :upside_down_face: