How modify filter by url


i new with metabase… i want create only 1 question, this must be editable by url.
For example the question show the “rain” for one “station”, and this Station this must be editable by url…
A thing like that: mymetabase/question/10?Station=“value”.
It’s my first time with metabase! Now i have got the date in the mongoDB and i manualy change the station for see the answer…


You can do it by embedding the dashboard in a web page and passing the variable using the SDK. Discussed more here amongst other places. Embed link containing variables - is this possible?
Also search for cascading parameters that have a similar solution.
i have a page that allows the user to select parameters from html drop downs. The values are then passed to a dashboard.


Thank you so much!! I have 2 others doubts.
When I click “sharing and embedded” metabase shows me this allert :
This question doesn’t have any parameters to configure yet.

For this reason I don’t controller the question by url,because metabase don’t match the “Station” parameter… how can I configure all parameters?

And last, i read that it’s possibile configure parameter only for sql db, but i use mongoDB…it’s true??


You need to setup the parameters in the dashboard before you go any further.
I can’t take you through it step by step, first stop is to go through the documentation.