How Often is the Beta Download Updated in GitHub?


I’m wanting to know how often the beta .33 release of Metabase is being updated. I’m not super familiar with GitHub or how downloading the beta works, but a company I’m recommending Metabase to wants to try the beta version and also wants to update it whenever possible so as to fix any bugs in the beta.

Also, when is the .33 release expected to happen?


Hi @Blake

The latest “beta” is 0.33.0-RC1, which was released a week ago. Test releases usually have download links on the release notes, but stable releases are only available via the website.

If the company is just testing Metabase, then it’s fine to try the test releases, but they should not use those releases for production.

If you sign into Github, then you have the option to watch for new releases, which means you’ll get a notification, when there’s a anything new - you do that by clicking the Watch-button at the top.

If you want to get the absolutely latest changes, then you would need to either compile your own master (or release-0.33.x) version every night (or whenever there’s a change) or use the pre-built Docker head.
This comes with many warnings, since a change might break something, so I cannot recommend that in any way.

Don’t know exactly when 0.33.0 is released, but there’s a lot of work being done right now to fix some outstanding issues, so maybe within a couple of weeks.