How Payload : {Resource question} change?

Hi everyone,

I need to implement N istance of metabase for N client. Let us suppose that we have just one istance with one widget. This widget will be replicated for a second istance belonging to another client.
I want to know if the number associated in the payload var's into the snippet code will change or stay the same.

var payload = { resource: { question: 141 },

Thank you in advance

Hi @aresb
Different instances will use different IDs. So if you have 100 questions on instance1, then the last ID would be 100, but if you had created 200 questions on instance2, then 200 would be its last ID.

Thank you @flamber
New istance is a restore and backup of existing istance with the preloaded widget with a different url and another AWS secret key.
Does the resource increment in this case?

@aresb If you take a backup and restore that, then everything is exactly the same. But any changes you make from that point will divert.

There's Serialization if you need a more configurable approach: