How to access bigquery

As shown in the figure, is it possible to connect to bigquery without uploading json in other ways?
Because some other visualization products can directly authorize the Google account, I feel that this method will be more convenient

@beta No, Service Accounts is the only way.

What is the reason for this?

@beta Service Account is what Google recommended, since it's not connected to a person, which the previous OAuth was (deprecated in 0.36 or something like that).
Which other option are you looking for? Provide a link to Google's documentation.

I would say OAuth is totally reasonable. Let each user login with their actual account and let BigQuery/Google handle the IAM rights. When using service accounts you need to handle the access layer in a BI tool and what happens if you got multiple BI Tools? You should set this up each time and make sure it's correct. Will OAuth for the BigQuery connection come back?
And I'm not talking about letting one single admin login and use that connection, but actually setup oauth2 credentials and all that :stuck_out_tongue:

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