How to access metabase api using vue js

How to query metabase API using Vue js?

Currently I am able to query metabase using insomnia but when i try to query using vue js i am getting CORS error

I am using Metabase v0.33.2

I am new to metabase please assist

Hi @mika

I don’t use Vue, but I would think it would help if you provide your current code.
The Metabase API works with anything that supports RESTful - just for reference:

Which CORS error are you seeing?
Have you defined Admin > Settings > General > Site URL as the same as how you’re accessing Metabase?

Latest release is 0.33.4 - it has fixed a lot of smaller issues since 0.33.2

Thanks @flamber for your quick reply

here is the code

import axios from 'axios';

const resource = "http://localhost:3000";

const token = "";

const auth = {
    headers: { 'X-Metabase-Session': token, 'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
    useCredentails: true

export class metabase {

    static async getToken() {
        token ="/api/session", { "username": "", "password": "****" }).then(result => {
            return result
        return token;
    static async getDraData(token, filters) {
        var queryString = "select * from Data"
        if (filters != "") {
            queryString += " " + filters;
        let response = + "/api/dataset/", { "database": 65, "native": { "query": queryString }, "type": "native" }, auth).then(result => {
            return result
        return response;


i am looking into your suggestions while i am waiting for your answer for the code above

Please share me api document for v0.33.4 as i cant find it on google may they are different from the older version i was using

@mika There’s no changes to the API since 0.32.2, which why there’s no updated documentation.

@flamber thanks but i am still experiencing the same problem. Please if anyone to help i have already posted the code above

@mika But what errors are you getting? If you can make the API command with CURL or similar, then you know it works, and then you just need to focus on a problem with your Vue project (which means you’ll likely find better help in forum dedicated to Vue).