How to add csv datasource

I am New To metabase.
I just download metabase jar from the official website.—>

then i was able to access the browser page in the port 3000.during the time of admin account creation i didn’t add any database–>i just pressed i’ll add my data later.

after that i was able to access home page of metabase.

now i have few csv files in my local machine.but i don’t know how to upload csv data into metabase.I couldn’t find any option like add datasource in homepage.

can you help me out?

CSV isn’t supported.
You need to upload the csv files to a database, then connect metabase to the database.

There’s a third-party driver, which supports CSV-files as directories:

thanks for the response.well i will import in database and then will connect it with metabase.

I can’t seem to use it. I wonder if any other alternatives available?

@hendriarifin Why can’t you use it? Did you read the documentation on how to use it? There are many alternatives, such as loading CSV into a database source that Metabase supports, like BigQuery, Postgres etc.

Hi Flamber, Im not so sure about the issue, so I converted the xlsx to SQLite instead.

@hendriarifin Well CSV is not the same as XLSX, but great that you found a solution through SQLite.

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