How to add sum row ou sum colum in a table?

Hi everybody,
i created this following table with metabase:

I want to add to this board 1 column adding all values of the row and 1 row adding all values of each column.
i try to create a personalized expression but impossible to find the solution… :frowning:
Someone know how to create that?
thank in advance.

One possible approach is to add the question to a dashboard along with set of metrics tied to same data but showing an aggregate of your choice. Bind with dashboard filters as needed. A bit busy but…

What you want is subtotals. Metabase, as far as I know, doesn’t support this feature yet.
Found an open issue for this:

Please go and upvote it by clickbing the thumbs up reaction, so to show devs the importance of this feature.

Right now, one workaround I can think of would be to use cumulative sum (which metabase already has) to show the totals, at least for columns (and not using pivots). Not very useful, I’m afraid

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