How to auto question everyday and store one column of results in a new table

Hi, we have a question where I set up a custom column with other fields to show segment tags of users. The custom field associates with revenue and oder count which keeps updating everyday. I'd like to know the user segment tag everyday so that I can see when they switch from segment A to segment B. Is it possible that metabase auto questions and store the segment column of everyday in a new table?

Metabase cannot monitor a table and then write results, conditionally, to another table. Depending on how your data is organized you may be able to leverage the alerts feature to notify when users are added to "segment B" (assuming you track when date/datetime they're tagged to the new segment).

Here is more information on alerts:

It's database dependent but you could use a SQL Function that returns a table.
The function could store the results in the 2nd table before returning the same set of results.

If you created a view of the function, it would then appear in Metabase as a table without having to use a SQL query.

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Thanks. It's what I'm doing right now