How to Automate the Data Integration

How to integrate the data automatically from source(CRM) to destination(Metabase)...

Metabase isn't the destination - it just reads from your source database.
If your CRM database isn't accessible, you need to store the data where Metabase can access it.
I do a lot with REST APIs against cloud databases, then store the data in a Postgres database for reporting using Metabase and other products.

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Hi AndrewMBaines,
Thank you for the reply , I doing the data visualization for the SuiteCRM Application and Database is in MySQL....till now I dump the data and import the Metabase........
I want to visualize the live data so how to automate the CRM data to metabase...

Could you help me with this?!** :sweat:**

You need to create a connection from Metabase to MySQL. It's part of standard setup.
If you're using Metabase cloud and you have a firewall in the way, you'll need to allow access through that.

Like AndrewMBaines mentioned, you should create a connection from your source CRM to ideally a data warehouse such as BigQuery, for example. Then connect Metabase to BigQuery.

Use API to import script into a Data Warehouse, then Metabase points to Data Warehouse

SuiteCRM -> API -> Data warehouse -> Metabase

Host the API in a Cloud Function or Docker or something else more convenient. Hope that helps.