How to avoid the filter widget with the dropdown menu from changing to the search box?

I have encountered an issue trying to use the filter widget with a dropdown menu. It's related to display several categories and click on the selected ones to filter rows.

I have tested it with many categories, and it works fine. But when I enter all categories that I have, the dropdown menu doesn't show the list of values.

On this Metabase site, "" says "Note that Metabase will automatically use a Search box if the number of distinct values in the column is greater than 300, even if you select the dropdown option, A list of all values."

I tested it and found there could be even one single category that's not displayed if it's around 10,000 characters long. And I need to hold 16,397 chars.

What could I do to deal with this? (for avoiding the filter widget with the dropdown menu from changing to search box search to displaying all values in the dropdown menu) I've been navigating the code but haven't identified it.

(Next, I include test cases' pictures.)

Dropdown menu with some values, as it should work:

The dropdown menu still works with these values:

  1. Categories -> total characters are 9,694 (1,200 categories)

  1. Single category 9,999 characters long

But when surpassing 10,000 characters, the dropdown menu changes to the search box:

  1. Categories character total is 10,062

  1. Single category 10,010 characters long

@bonillajosue1 Either create a forum topic or an issue, but not both.
For reference -

Oh, I didn't know. Thanks for the clarification.