How to calculate a conversion rate?

I have a table of customers with their registration dates and their current status. I’d like to visualize the percentage of total customers who registered on a certain week with a certain status (i.e. “converted” to “completed onboarding” or whatever). How can I do this?

Hi @hdnyc
It would probably help if you provided an example of your table schema. You can always do it in SQL, but the question is if it would be doable in the Metabase interface.

@flamber Sure thing. Simplistically, each row has a Customer ID, a registration date (as a date field), and status field (as a string field). The status field data are by convention one of a set of fixed strings, e.g. “onboarding_phase1”, “onboarding_phase2”, “finished_onboarding” etc.

Basically I want, for each week (i.e. registration date grouped by week), the percentage of total customers with registration date during that week that have a status of e.g. “finished_onboarding”.

@hdnyc Yeah, that would require some juggling around with multiple questions and joining those questions on the week.

@flamber Actually I think I might have what I need with a custom summarize expression, i.e. CountIf([Status] = “finished_onboarding”) / Count while grouping by registration date by week. Is that a reasonable solution?

@hdnyc Well, yes, that will create a nested query that does more or less the same. It’s not always easy to try to visualize problems without a screenshot or an example table.