How to change color and font size of X-Axis / Y-Axis labels and values?

Would someone tell me how to change the axis label fonts from small and light gray to larger and darker?

Our performance data analysis team picked Metabase because of it’s great querying options for performance data, but management is complaining that axis label and values mark fonts are too small and hard to read when screenshotted into PowerPoint.

See the attached image. Our VP said it’s as though Metabase doesn’t want viewers to read the axis values bc they are so small and light grey.

Your product has so many great aspects. Will someone let me know how to edit the CSS or change the axis options?

I hope that a feature will be added to make this easier in the future.


The easiest way is to upgrade to the latest version of Metabase. :slight_smile: We did some work on this a couple of versions ago:

There are no other built-in ways to do this, but if management needs screenshots, I suppose you could also do command/ctrl + in your browser a couple times to bump up the sizing of things.

It also sounds like maybe an “Export to PNG” feature might be interesting to you; is that right?

Thank you @maz! Upgrading did make it darker.

Also, changing the Zoom with Ctrl+ helped with the fonts.

Thanks again!

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