How to change default row count set to 2000

There is a default row count set to 2000 for all the tables. Is there a way where I can restrict to only a said number of rows?
I tried "pick a limit option", but it still fetches 2000.
I do not want to load the DB with this unnecessary load.

Any way to accomplish this with any env variable or any option on the UI for this?

I am using 0.42.3 version.


You could build models that pull tables from the DB and restrict the number of rows that you want to show. Then tell your users to use the models rather than the tables.

True that.. but can we not restrict this count to a lower number?

Any update? @flamber any idea on this?

Build views in the database and expose those views to the users only. Another option is to do a custom build of Metabase, but you'll need to build your own version every time there's a release