How to change variables parameters mapping automatically?


As I continue to use metabase more intensively. Now, I have a lot of dashboards and questions. Each dashboard contains like 6 to 8 questions. Each question can have like 5 to 6 variable parameters.

Below is the possibility case I face

  1. Changing the dbname. I see all the variable mapping is gone but somehow still works

  2. Changing the table name. I see all the variable mapping is gone then I need to do the mapping each one by one to the new table which is tedious and time consuming work.

Could you recommend in each scenario, What is the best way to do it?
Can we do like automatically? Maybe like updating the values in the metabase database table?

If I have 10 dashboards, it means 10 x 8 (question) x 6 (parameters) = 480 repeating work.

And in scenario 1, should I concern for any unknown yet impact? Or just let it be without mapping the variable parameters, since it works anyway?

Best Regards

Changing db name and table name but columns name intact

Eric I suggest you check out our Serialization feature. Also, you can achieve this programatically (via API calls)