How to check the user view count of questions?

Hi, I know we can track the user view count of dashboards by writing SQL, now I wonder is there any way we can track the user view count of questions. We need to know which question is popular rather than the dashboard.

Hope someone could introduce a method , thanks.

Hi @kim
That is builtin to the Audit functionality in the Pro/Enterprise edition.
But otherwise you'll need to look in the query_execution table - see more examples here: Metabase Metadata SQL


thanks for your quick reply.

Now I am using free open source, I checked the Metabase Metadata SQL , but did not find the query could fit the requirement, could you kindly share with me the query?
Thanks a lot!

@kim Did you look in the comments? Which query are you using to see the dashboard activity?

yes, I use /* which dashboards has a user viewed */ this query to see the dashboard activity, and I also want to see the question activity, but I could not find suitable query.

@kim Did you try this?

Thanks, flamber, this is exactly what I am looking for!

Is there a way to access Metabase Metadata why on Cloud but not pro/Enterprise edition ?

@gchev No: