How to check when the data gets updated in metabase?

I have connected Metabase with AWS Athena where my data gets updated every hour. Is there a way we can check the dates with timesstamp when the data gets updated in Metabase?

@abhi1986 Metabase does not store your results - unless you have caching enabled:
So the results shown are directly from your data source.

End-users will see a timestamp on cached questions in the top right of the question detail page showing the time when that question was last updated (i.e., the time when the current result was cached). Clicking on the Refresh button on a question page will manually rerun the query and override the cached result with the new result.

Where can I see the cached question detail page?

@abhi1986 On the question /question/:id - but I think it's lower right now.

Didnt understand what you said..Is it deprecated?

@abhi1986 Go to the question (look in your URL, when the address is /question/123), then you are on the question page. And it should be shown in the lower-right corner.