How to Compare Partial Weekly Periods in Metabase Visualization?

I am creating a visualization in Metabase and would like to compare the current period to the previous period on a weekly basis. However, I need the comparison to consider the same days of the week up to the current day. For example, if I'm viewing the visualization on a Wednesday, it should compare Monday to Wednesday of the current week with Monday to Wednesday of the previous week, rather than comparing the full previous week.

Could someone guide me on how to achieve this in Metabase?

Related question. How can I set up a comparison to compare yesterday to the same period previously? The current default is to compare today with the previous period, which isn't very useful since the full day hasn't finished yet. I have tried to add Date filter in dashboard, but when I choose Yesterday from calendar, all previous values becomes (No data).

This is only possible in v50 with the new offset custom expression