How to compare to a previous period (on the same row)


Pivot table is a great feature.

I try to show the % of difference between 2 periods on the same row.
I know that I can use Custom expression with SumIf and between.
But not sure how to do it.

With the sample Dataset, on the same row, I want to have this result :

| USER_ID → STATE | PRODUCT_ID → CATEGORY | TOTAL for Period 1 | TOTAL for Period 2 | % Period 2 vs Period 1 |

| AK | Doohickey | 2 651,76 | 867,63 | -67.28% |

Thanks for help.


Hi @nico8
Have you looked at this article?

Time series comparisons will work with full year and if I select the full period between years compared.
But I want to show the sales of january 2020 and see the comparison with january 2019, I need to do this :

Ok, I can work :

But if I need to have dynamic comparison for previous day, previous week, seems complicated.
A function likes CompareTo ( [Date], Interval (day, week, month, quarter, year), [ [Date to compare] ])
And in the filter for period, only january 2020 is selected.


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