How to configure Metabase application database with MongoDB

Hi there,

On the net I could not find any documentation on configuring Metabase application database with MongoDB. has instructions to do the same for a postgres DB.

I have a Metabase service running in a docker container with the following configuration -

image: metabase/metabase
restart: unless-stopped
- '3001:3000'

After running docker, from Metabase I can connect to mongoDB and create questions thereon. I intend to make the same mongoDB as the application database for Metabase, so that Metabase can store its questions, dashboards etc in mongoDB itself.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated and many thanks in advance.

Hi @smehedi
Metabase does not support using Mongo as the application database. And likely never will.
It is complicated enough just to support various versions of Postgres and MySQL.

Hi flamber, your feedback really helped me. Many thanks.