How to connect metabase running on heroku with Oracle database?

Hi, I am trying to connect metabase which I am running on heroku with the oracle database but since it does not gives a option to connect with oracle I am not able to connect. Can anyone please help and provide a solution about how to connect metabase running on heroku with Oracle database.

Did you resolve this issue?

I don’t use Heroku, but looking at the repos metabase-deploy and metabase-buildpack, it would seem like you need to build your own metabase.jar with ojdbc8.jar included in ./modules/ (or is it ./resources/modules/?)

If you don’t want to build it, then you can just download the official JAR-file and add the ojdbc-driver with a ZIP tool.

You can test your custom JAR file locally (check the logs to see if it registers the Oracle driver on startup), and then you would need to clone the repos and modify them, so you control all the URLs and link to your custom JAR file. And use your custom metabase-deploy as the Heroku template.

I would probably recommend using something other than Heroku for this, since it seems like you’ll easily get stuck on an old version of Metabase, since upgrade would be difficult too.

Someone was trying to do something similar on AWS EBS, but that’s a Docker image, so slightly different: Installing plugins (Oracle driver) on an AWS EB instance